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Before frying your meat, some tactics are important duringCUTTINGand MARINATING:


Always cut in opposite direction of meat texture which lines in parallel pattern. Breaking the “parallel lines” will make meat tender and easy to chew (Chicken meat is exceptional when cutting needs to follow the meat texture lines)


  1. Always add sugar as the first ingredient to tender the meat and rest for at least 20 minutes. Mix in a bit water also to prevent the meat from dehydrated and tough after adding sugar. Buttermilk is an alternative to make meat tender
  2. Soya sauce, rather than salt, should be used to marinate beef, otherwise, the texture of beef will become tough
  3. Other ingredients can be added in to remove the endowed pork or beef smell, such as shredded ginger, ginger sauce or chinese spice. Cooking oil should be added onto pork to remove its endowed smell
  4. Cornstarch should be added as the final ingredient during marinating meat so that the tastes from other ingredients can be absorbed by the meat
  5. Adding cornstarch onto meat makes meat taste more tender and easy to chew. Cornstarch itself will mix with the juice from the meat after adding other sauces, forming a solution breading each piece of meat to enclose the natural taste of meat from slipping away. Egg white is a substitute of cornstarch but cornstarch can produce better effect than egg white


  1. Heat up the frying pan at high heat before adding in the meat. Don’t flip the meat after adding in, and lower the heat to low medium
  2. When the meat starts to become cooked, turn the heat level to medium high and flip the meat over, followed by lower the heat to low medium again until fully cooked
  3. Then lift the cooked meat by the spatular up to the upper part of the frying pan, draining down the oil from the meat before tranferring it to the plate for serving

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