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Boiling Eggs

  1. To prevent cracking, add eggs (at room temperature) in cold water and add a spoonful of salt before heating up to boil

Frying Eggs

  1. Heat the pan until it becomes “red” before pouring in eggs or egg wash to prevent sticking
  2. Adding some oil into the whisked egg before frying can make it smooth and juicy. Moreover, frying eggs demand much more oil to maintain its smoothiness as eggs absorb oil much especially during frying. Adding water will, however, make the egg easy to become overcooked or brownish

 Steaming Egg Wash

To have smooth steamed egg wash, follow the tips below:

  1. The volume ratio of eggs to water/chicken broth should be 1:2
  2. Add in 2 drops of white vinegar into the egg wash before steaming
  3. Cover tight by cling wrap to avoid steam condensation
  4. Steam for 2 minutes at high heat. And then turn off heat and keep covered inside the saucepan for another 4-5 minutes

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