Shrimps in Honey Citron Sauce

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Dish1 content copyServings 4-6

  1. Shrimps x 6 (giant size of shrimp with each approximately weighs 130 g)
  2. Honey citron sauce x 3 tbsps
  3. Water x 200 ml (volume varies to your preference of sweet)
  4. Fresh pomelo x 3 tbsps (optional)
  5. Shallot x 1 (peeled and sliced)
  6. Cooking oil x 1 tbsp
  7. Salt x ½ tsp

Marinating Shrimps

  1. Cooking wine x 1 tbsp
  2. White pepper powder x a pinch

Thickening sauce

  1. Cornstarch x 1 tbsp
  2. Water x 2 tbsps
  1. Clean the shrimps, deveined and cut open at the back. Marinate for at least 30 minutes.Process1 copy Then pad dry for later use
  2. Mix the honey citron with water to your preferred sweet taste and set aside
  3. Mix the ingredients of thickening sauce well for later use
  4. Prepare a frying pan at high heat. Add in cooking oil until slightly smoky, then turn to medium heat. Add in the sliced shallot and sear until aromatic. Add in shrimps, sear and flip until they turn into Combined 1orange-red and curved, meaning that they are fully cooked
  5. When the shrimps are fully cooked, pour over them the honey citron mixture, flip until every piece of shrimps is embedded with the sauce. Then add in the thickening sauce, flip until the sauce is rich and thick. Transfer to dish, garnish with the fresh pomelo and serve warm


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